Bölkow Bo 209 Silencer
Inside-Cowling installation and operation of exhaust silencer system BO209-606500. This Modification is approved with a national STC LBA EMZ 0280/680 and is applicable to the aircraft model BO209 Monsun. List of approved documents:
  • National Approval LBA EMZ 0280/680 - Issue 1 - May 1992
  • Installation Drawing BO209-606500_rev0_19910627 - Issue 27.06.1991
  • Installation Instruction II_BO209_606500_0592_german Issue 05.1992
  • Airplane Flight Manual Supplement SPOH_BO209_606500_0592_german Issue 05.1992
  • Maintenance Manual Supplement MMS_BO209_606500_0592_german


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