Miscellaneous and Fun Projects
Various fun projects, performed by our apprentices for practicing or charity.

Special Mission Equipment Parts
On request, we install special equipment and produce the necessary components for special aircraft operation. Some examples are aerial survey, scientific/environmental investigations or military purposes.

Exhausts Systems
For many years our well known Exhaust Systems remain popular and in demand. Until now a large number of aircraft operate with Quiet Flight and other Systems. For further technical information refer to this article. To check availability for your aircraft, please visit our Product Area.

Sheet metal manufacture
We concentrate our expertise on light weight metallic structures. We are able to produce any shape for light weight metal construction on request.

Landing Gear Production
In our main facility we produce brand-new Landing Gears for different aircraft types in high quality. The production range includes the aircraft types of Grob, Stemme up to Extra and furthermore.


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